The basics of our cooperation, within our team and with you.

Our dispotool solution simplifies complex structures in small
steps and makes them manageable and controllable. This is a valuable help in a
global market which is facing constant flux, and in the evaluation and
implementation of new possibilities, of all systems subjugated to an ongoing
technical evolution. This creates time and time again. To turn these challenges
into successful solutions for your shipping logistics, reliable communication
and an open-minded and problem-oriented cooperation is essential. With the help of an internal project, we have specified these ideas together with all toolbox employees. These are the basics of our cooperation, within our team and with you – these are the values that inspire us every day.



Open to change, open with one another.

We at toolbox have an open mind. In order to constitute a fair cooperation, we embrace critique and praise on all levels. In our opinion, clear words lead to clear results.



We say what we mean. 

Our solutions create transparency for bakeries. Built up on real and honest information, our customers know exactly what our products can and cannot do. In an honest way of conduct, our team strives to create a comradely and productive working atmosphere.



Our team is more than the sum of its parts.

Being helpful is one of our number one priorities. By constantly fixating the team goal, individual members can spot situations in which their help is needed. In regard to this, it is important to us that given help is perceived as assistance and not as tutelage.



Striving towards the common goal.

We have made it our mission to optimize bakeries in regard to functionality and success. Feeling responsible for our customers, we organize our consultation, project management and support towards achieving this goal. Our team is fully committed to both our customers and our own success. This is what we call loyalty.



Being equal and reliable partners.

We see ourselves as a valuable part of the customer's company. We guarantee reliability towards everybody  partners and colleagues alike.



Being respectful is the way we function.

Knowing our strengths, we appreciate the expertise and the passion of our partners. Regardless of the situation in which we find them, our respectful commerce shows our partners that we hold them in high esteem.



We speak the language of friendship.

At toolbox we have no room for false friends  we guarantee a kind, respectful and honest demeanor. For us, commitment and kindness do not contradict but complement one another. We are pleased to say that these are the reasons our customers enjoy working with us.
This is our motivation.

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