Pick’n track with dispotool
– The system for picking in bakeries

Cost reduction, distribution quality, and utilization of space: Bakeries worldwide
use dispotool to accelerate and simplify their product picking processes, and
reduce their costs significantly. dispotool comprises of a central software
solution, capable of operating all picking processes, which is complemented by
displays and/or handhelds. The display shows the distributors what is to be
distributed by using a colour code and digits. This technology, known as
"Pick-by-Light", ensures language-independent comprehension, simple operation
and remote error rates during distribution. For over two decades, toolbox has
been deemed to be the sector's innovation leader in optimizing procedures in
picking areas. We created our system from the baking industry for the baking
industry. More than 750 enterprises around the world trust dispotool to be the
interface between production and customer.


How does dispotool help reduce costs?

  • Ambidextrous work - because the employee needs neither paper nor pen.
  • Optimized process operation - because the distances a distributor has to cross are minimized.
  • Adjusted entries are omitted - because the distributed actual quantities are always correct.
  • Minimized communication expenditures - because the quantities listed on the delivery note are always right.
  • Subsequent deliveries are omitted - because the correct amount of quantities has been dispatched, and the dispatcher knows that this is the case.
  • Reduced customer fluctuation - because your customers are always satisfied with their shipments. 

How does dispotool help to warrant the distribution quality? 

  • Heightened punctuality - because both the steps taken during picking, and the delivery times can be planned and complied with in an improved fashion.
  • One hundred percent compliance between distribution quantities and delivery note - because an alignment between the actual quantities to be allocated takes place before the distribution.
  • Simple user interface and optimized distribution processes - enables everybody to reach a continuous, high level of distribution quality in a short period of training.
  • Focused work -because defined and automated processes minimize communication expenditures and thereby create productive silence. 

How does dispotool guarantee an efficient utilization of space?

  • Temporal equalization of distribution - because during picking, the holding areas can be planned and occupied in various ways, several times in a row.
  • Diverse collocation of holding areas - because this creates shorter distances for the distributor. 


dispotool is distributed in two basic versions: LIGHT – for small, medium and artisan oriented bakeries, and ENTERPRISE – for industrial bakeries. 


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