dispotool Pick-by-Light


The picking solution.

Fresh products, par-baked products, frozen products: No matter which product leaves production, your picking can be organised by a Pick-by-Light System. dispotool ENTERPRISE uses communication via displays which indicate the amounts to be picked in different coloured lines. dispotool ENTERPRISE as Pick-by-Light System can be complemented by the use of handhelds, scanners or by Pick-by-Vision or Pick-by-Voice Systems.


In Put-to-Light mode products are picked one after another to customer, route or depot locations. This method is also known as "Order building".
Therefore: product to display.

 Grafik Displays englisch customer


In Pick-To-Light mode the products are collected per customer, route or depot from product pick spots. This method is also known as "shopping".
Therefore: product from display.

 Grafik Displays englisch product


... on the floor

Apart from the software and terminals for handling, dispotool is especially visible through its Matrix displays. They are installed at every pick location, and show the amount to be dispatched. With seven different coloured lines, the displays support multiple dispatchings at the same time.


... Picking in racks

A rack is used when there are many for customers with small orders and/or products with small production quantity. This is space-saving and reduces walking distances. On each level, rack displays with up to two colours are installed. These displays indicate the amounts to be picked, and use a lighting signal to show that a pick needs to be carried out at this location. The employee confirms the pick by pressing a button and the light goes out. This makes it more recognizable where products need to be picked.