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In paperless order picking, several communication media have been known for many years and are used in various industries.

In all systems, the main priority is that the pickers always have both hands free and can therefore distribute almost twice as fast compared to paper-based distribution. In 2014, an entirely new communication medium was launched on the market in the form of smartglasses. The smartglasses toolbox consists of a special clip-on system which can either be attached to one's own spectacles or fitted on spectacles that are supplied.

The clip on itself consists of various parts:

A projector - this could also be called a mini-projector - projects the necessary information onto the spectacle lens . This information "tells" the pickers which pick-face they have to go to.
Once they have arrived there, they direct their attention to a code that is attached there. The integrated camera scans the code. With the scanning procedure, dispotool receives confirmation that the distributor is at the correct pick-face, i.e. close to the right product or customer. The order pickers now see in their spectacles the number of products they have to distribute. If further necessary information about the selected product or customer is available, the distributors also see this in their spectacles. A micro-loudspeaker combination integrated into the clip-on system allows optional language information and confirmations spoken by the picker. The distribution process is carried out and finished. Now, all that is needed is a quick hand movement in front of the picker's field of view to confirm the correct distribution process. At the same time, the "spectacles" send this information via a W-LAN or Bluetooth interface to the dispotool server, where it is entered fully automatically. Through this interface, the order picker then receives his or her next order immediately. The multifunctional device is supplied with the necessary energy through a rechargeable battery integrated into the clip-on system. A thin cable leads to a light, external rechargeable battery, which the employee wears on his or her belt.


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