It’s really that easy.

Focused on bakeries. From the get-go. toolbox has concentrated on optimizing the picking of bakeries from day one. More than 750 implementations world-wide prove that toolbox is the innovation leader within various categories of bakeries, non-industrial/ and industrial-oriented. Our customers profit from this experience. Our treasure trove of experience grows from project to project and from year to year. This provides you with the certainty that paperless dispatching can unleash new potentials concerning space-utilization, distribution quality and cost efficiency in your enterprise. Only with us.


Each dispotool implementation works with the following proven methodology.



Because all bakeries are different. 

In order to satisfy their customers day to day, while at the same time being economically successful, bakeries have to impose various requirements on their picking. Therefore, our specialist first analyses your supply structure, then, with your help, determines the targets of optimization, and lastly, presents you with the layout of your new picking. Whilst doing so, we’re keeping an eye on the entire process: from the interface production to picking, to the delivery vehicle starting its motor. At the end of the analysis phase, both the PRD (product requirement document) and the apposite design of your picking with dispotool are ready to go.  



Why „why“ is the most important question of all.

The goal is not to simply depict practiced processes paperlessly. Hence, the “why” question is already an efficient tool during the analysis. We use our experience to question the things, which when changed, could raise your dispatch to a higher standard. In this way, new timeframes for production and transport are created for your bakery. Our approach has been tasted in over 700 projects. Toolbox consultants are experts for bakeries. In addition to this, we are external consultants. Due to this, we can reveal a bakery’s potential without being hindered by the company’s individual routine blindness. 



Easy. Quick to learn. Safe to operate. Maintained by 365/24/7 service.

Of all the reasons to favour the use of dispotool, the one that sticks out the most is that dispotool is extremely easy to operate. The fact that the system is easily taught and understood guarantees that employees are able to operate it in a safe and error-free manner. Our focus lies on a skilled and quantity adjusted handling. Our goal is to ensure that your staff can fully concentrate on the technically correct and quantitatively accurate handling of bread and baked goods. Toolbox’ service only knows one working pace: yours. Your maximum productivity is being the utmost importance to us, our service is accessible 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, and is able to enter your system at any time. 



Transparency and clarity are essential to success.

Do you want to be able to measure your success and make it transparent for your company? Our specific analysis and statistic modules are there to support you because concluding an optimization equals standing in front of the next optimization. Evaluations and reports assist you and us in adjusting your dispatch process to innovations, while at the same time it gives hints to other potential optimizations.