The topics we featured at the 2017 südback have obviously gained the interest of many, in some cases long-time dispotool users, but also of some new parties as well.

dispotool is well-known in the industry for optimizing picking processes in bakeries.

But until now, picking has often been put on a level with dispatching bread and roles, at best with the picking of viennoiserie.


Unfortunately, in the past, this restricted approach put the rationalization of picking snacks, cooled or frozen products, pieces of dough and merchandise at a disadvantage – for toolbox and our customers.


At the 2017 südback, we took the topic head on.

If you were unable to visit the toolbox stand at the südback, we are still here for you, even after the trade fair.


Simply get in touch! Together, we can discuss how to ban paper from shopping and picking at your bakery completely.


Be it by using a shopping solution, smart glasses or dispatching small amounts on shelves.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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