Our Roadshow goes Europe - Be a part of it!

In 2016, we carried out a Roadshow in Great Britain and Ireland for the first time.

Since the demand has been immensely high, we have decided to organize a Roadshow also for 2017.

dispotool customers in Great Britain invite you to their bakeries and their picking areas. Experience how a picking system helps to reduce costs, warrants picking quality and utilizes space more efficiently.

toolbox CEO Sascha Egener and dispotool Expert Christoph Kueckes will be your contact persons on site.
The respective bakery owners will grant you an exclusive glance behind the scenes - from colleague to colleague.

We will gladly cover your expenses for overnight accommodation.


For interested parties:

The tour data

24/01/2017 - 25/01/2017             S.M Bayne & Co.Ltd, Lochore, Great Britain

Summer 2017                               P McCloskey´s & Sons Ltd., Drogheda, Ireland


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toolbox and dispotool users organize Roadshows in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain and Russia.


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