New dimension – the toolbox Card

Even in 1996, customer service had long been the norm, an indispensable feature in the service and supply industries.

However, a 24/7 hotline 365 days of the year was then, like today, more the exception than the rule for baking companies.

This is especially true when this service has never billed customers separately for holiday and night surcharges. 

Right when toolbox was founded and performed the first dispotool installation in 1996, the toolbox maintenance service was initiated. This newly-launched toolbox became the embodiment of this uncompromising service focus.

The toolbox Card heralds a whole new era in customer focus for toolbox - starting 1 April 2016 - and bringing with it, a new dimension in security and service.


What does the toolbox Card do?


At first glance, the toolbox Card holder gets exactly the same help as anyone else who had an earlier maintenance and service contract.
This is only true at first glance!

When you have a toolbox Card, you will no longer have to call us when something has gone wrong with a delivery. Instead, we will call you when we have discovered a problem and have sorted it out. Our system and service crew detect malfunctions even when no-one is at the workplace and order picking is inactive.

Our motto: Vice-versa in service and security


A simple everyday example:


Once or perhaps several times a day, a colleague sends a data transfer from his order department, using the ERP system or baking program.  dispotool needs the data for the delivery staff to be able to start the order picking free of problems in a few hours. Unfortunately, the colleague from the office has been interrupted and forgets to press the Enter key.

The result: dispotool receives no data.


Without the toolbox Card, this error goes completely unnoticed until the order picking crew turns up for the shift and is about to begin distribution. So far, this very much human, day-to-day problem has been resolved by the Hotline Team. However, they are only able to begin to analyse and work out a solution when the dispatch manager has noticed the problem and contacted the Hotline.


As a result: order picking can only begin after some delay because nobody was in the order department and the data transfer could, therefore, not be resent.


At bakeries that have the toolbox Card, the toolbox Service Team checks - at an agreed time and in a defined routine - to ascertain whether the data transfer has taken place. If a malfunction is detected, the toolbox Hotline informs the designated employee in the bakery so that he can correct the malfunction in good time and before delivery commences. If toolbox is able to perform remote correction of the malfunction, the customer will simply receive an e-mail describing the malfunction.

However, toolbox not only checks the necessary data transfer between the ERP system and dispotool but also individual hardware components of the system.


The particular testing routines that our service staff should monitor for you is something that we work out from our past experience and is based on your individual dispotool configuration. You decide who should be informed in your company and by which means of communication - whether by e mail, text message or telephone call.

With the toolbox Card, you do not only have 24/7/365 monitoring of your system but also the ability to use our customer login. There, you can access all the underlying data and service tickets and use them to optimize the processes in your business. 

In addition, our service is available to you not only by telephone but also by service chat.


The toolbox Consulting & Training Center offers toolbox Card holders the opportunity to participate in training webinars. You can decide whether to have your employees trained at the toolbox Consulting & Training Center in Eschweiler, or to gain new experience in using dispotool by participating in our webinars at your company.

Would you like to receive more information about the toolbox Card? Simply write us an email at: : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The toolbox Card is the new dimension in service and security.